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Mission Statement

The Hoy Sun Ning Young Benevolent Association of Atlantic City is a nonprofit organization in the committed to the social, cultural and professional development of Asian Americans. We seek to imbue the American spirit of civic participation by acting as a bridge between the non-English speaking and English speaking community, through initiatives in volunteerism and education. Our membership includes approximately 800 volunteers in the Atlantic County area.

Our Current Accomplishments since August 2005:

  • Assist people in obtaining employment with Atlantic County businesses including a candy factory and construction company
  • Raised $600 for victims of Hurricane Katrina and donated to the American Red Cross.
  • Raised more than $5000 for victims of Sichuan, China earthquake to the China Red Cross.
  • Set up voter registration drives.
  • Assisted cancer patients and raised more than $2000 to help assist in her medical bills, as well as further assistance with translation at the hospital and transportation for families to and from hospital. Assisted family with funeral arrangements, life insurance paperwork.
  • Assisted 5 people in obtaining U.S. Citizenship with application and tutoring assistance for the test.
  • Assisted a local Chinese-speaking dentist in obtaining approval from the Local 54 Union to have dental coverage for people work in casino.

What we wish to accomplish in the future:

  1. Set up training classes for Chinese-speaking Home Health Care Attendants to serve patients and senior citizens unable to communicate in English.
  2. Set up after-school Chinese language classes for all interested Atlantic City school children with simultaneous U S. Citizenship Classes. ESL Classes, and Tai Chi Health classes for parents and Seniors.
  3. Increase job referral and training services.
  4. Increase translation services between parents and school authorities in order to better assist academically failing and handicapped students.
  5. Assist with Social Service referrals.
  6. Setup 24hr hotline for emergency crisis and victims of crime.
  7. Health Literacy Education.